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How about Polyester fabric for waterproof

  What is Polyester fabric? In fact, it generally refers to polyester fiber, is not very familiar? Yes, many of the clothes we wear are made of polyester fiber, because of its wrinkle resistance and shape preservation is very good, with high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is loved by the clothing industry. Of course, today, what Lombi Xiaobian is going to say is definitely not a thing in the clothing industry, we are going to talk about waterproof. Polyester fabric can be used not only for clothing, but also for asphalt pavement to improve water stability. Can the Polyester fabric be used for water resistance? How about it for waterproofing?

  How about Polyester fabric for waterproof?

  In fact, Polyester fabric itself is not waterproof, but it absorbs water very well. Polyester is polyester fiber, which is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and dibasic alcohol, referred to as PET fiber, which is a polymer compound.

  Polyester fabric Polyester Fabric has the advantages of high strength and low water absorption and can be used in both residential and industrial fabrics. It has wide applications in both fields. As a kind of textile material, polyester staple fiber can be spun purely or blended with other fibers. Natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, viscose fiber, acetate fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber and other chemical staple fibers can be blended with polyester staple fibers.

  Polyester fabric also has good heat resistance, wear resistance and light resistance, second only to the best nylon. Although Polyester fabric is not suitable for use as a waterproof material, it can still be used to its advantage in other areas. Indeed, different waterproof materials are suitable for different construction scenarios, and only when used in appropriate places can they give full play to their waterproof role.

  In general, Polyester fabric is not suitable for use as a waterproof material, but can be used together to make asphalt pavement, which can not only improve high temperature stability, but also low temperature crack resistance, fatigue resistance and other properties. This is the best use of polyester fabric. And like waterproof, or by professional waterproof materials to do it will be better.