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Advantages and disadvantages of flannel fabric

  What is flannel made of? The following is a small series to show you a product of flannel fabric for your reference only.

  The benefits of flannel fabric

  1. Flannel color is plain, clean and generous, light gray, medium gray, dark gray points, suitable for the production of spring and autumn men and women's coat and trousers, flannel weight is high, plush is more delicate and dense, thick fabric, high cost, good warmth.

  2. Flannel has a plump, fine, clean pile covering it. It does not show weave. Flannel feels soft and flat. After reduced, raised finishing, feel full, suede fine.

  Disadvantages of flannel fabric

  1. Flannel is mostly made of wool, which makes it more expensive, but the difference is not very large.

  2. In addition, the flannel fabric is particularly absorbent, so it plays a very important role in washing, because the washing machine will have a limit of clothing weight. If there are clothes in the flannel fabric, a lot of clothes will be washed at a time.

  3. Flannel has another disadvantage is its breathability, it ensures the advantage of warmth, in the performance of breathability is really not very good, so flannel clothing are jacket type clothing, there are few flannel material personal clothing.

  Common problems with flannel fabric:

  Q: Is flannel fabric better or cotton?

  A: The two are not the same type and there is no comparison. Flannel is a finished product. It is a thick fabric of wool or wool blend. And cotton is a raw material that can be woven into all kinds of fabrics. The relationship between the two is as if one is zongzi and the other is flour, the zongzi is the finished product, and the flour is just the raw material for making food.

  Q: Is flannel a knitted fabric

  A: It's not knitted, it's woven. It has long hairs on the surface. There are generally two categories: one is all cotton, that is, fluffy body idle shirts or pajamas, etc., yarn-dyed plaid is more; And then there's the woolen flannel.

  Q: The difference between flannel and coral velvet

  A: Flannel plush is more delicate and dense, coral plush is thicker and sparse; So coral wool sheds easily, while flannel does not; In the same pattern, the coral velvet fabric will appear more blurred, while the flannel fabric will be clearer and brighter.

  Advantages and disadvantages of flannel fabric