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Coral velvet or flannel fabric pajamas keep you warm

  flannel fabric pajamas keep you warmer.

  First of all, the manufacturing processes of the flannel fabric are different. In the manufacturing process of Flannel fabric, twill weave, plain weave weave and brushed hair are processed to make the finished products more compact. Coral velvet has undergone continuous technical improvement and innovation, and its fabric is more layered, the touch is softer, and the color is more and more rich.

  Secondly, the raw material of flannel fabric is wool, while that of coral velvet is polyester fiber. In terms of raw materials, the cost of flannel fabric is much higher than that of coral velvet. The flannel fabric is thicker and has a very high density of plush. The coral velvet fabric has a finer feel than flannel fabric, but the lint is relatively sparse and less pure. Therefore, in general, flannel fabric is made of wool, which is much better than coral velvet in keeping warm.

  About Coral velvet:

  Coral velvet is a new type of fabric, made of polyester fiber. Because of the high density between the fibers, coral-like, good coverage, soft body like a living coral, and colorful, so named coral velvet. Coral velvet due to the weaving principle will slightly shed hair, but coral velvet does not ball, does not fade, is not allergic, water absorption performance is good, no stimulation to the skin.

  About flannel fabric:

  flannel fabric is a fabric craft from the United Kingdom. Before flannel fabric is woven, wool/cotton/viscose fiber is dyed and then blended with primary color fiber. The woven fabric is thick, has high cost, fine pile and good heat preservation. Among them, the important process of flapping and drawing makes the fabric thick and tight, and covers the fine and clean fluff, which has excellent heat accumulation effect.

  The difference between flannel fabric and coral velvet:

  The materials are different. flannel fabric is mainly made of polyester fiber. Coral velvet is mainly made of coarse cotton yarn as raw material.

  The advantages are different. The advantages of flannel fabric are thick fabric, fine plush, good warmth, etc. The main advantages of coral velvet are not easy to lose hair, good water absorption, good air permeability and so on.

  Different uses. flannel fabric is mainly used to make children's clothing, trousers, etc. And coral velvet is mainly used to make car accessories. Toys, home accessories, etc.