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Do you know what knitted fabrics are commonly used?

  Single jersey

  Sweatcloth is made up of continuous loops of tissue. Its texture is thin, extensibility, elasticity and permeability are good, can better absorb sweat, wear cool and comfortable. To design the summer wear with the undershirt, there are T-shirt, lapel shirt, vest and other styles. It has the characteristics of light, soft, drape and sweat absorption. Can produce: shirts, underwear, T-shirts, children's wear, home wear, etc.

  Bead mesh

  The broad meaning is based on the convex and convex style of knitted coils. The use of coil and collecting loop suspension arc staggered configuration to form a mesh, also known as bead fabric.

  Narrow meaning for knitting single-sided circular machine woven 4 ways a cycle of concave and convex fabric. Because the back of the fabric presents a four-corner shape, it is called four-corner mesh, and there is a common double-bead mesh. Because of the hexagonal shape on the back of the fabric, it is called hexagonal mesh.

  Because the concave and convex structure of the back is similar to football, it is also called football mesh. This fabric is usually used as the front of the garment on the reverse side.


  Rib knitted fabric consists of a single piece of yarn in turn on the front and back of the formation of a loop in the longitudinal knitted fabric. Common are 1+1 rib, 2+2 rib, spandex rib. Rib knitted fabric has the dispersibility, flanging and extensibility of plain fabric, and also has greater elasticity.

  The excellent elasticity of rib cloth is used to make the neckline, cuffs, and hem of shirts and pants, and is used to sew undershirts, vests, sportswear and stretch shirts.

  Double rib fabric is also called "cotton cloth", because the positive and inverse are almost the same, also known as "double-sided cloth". Cotton and wool cloth is widely used and has many varieties to keep warm. It has greater elasticity and extensibility, and can be used for elastic vests, necklines, cuffs, pants, and hem of clothes.

  Loop fabric

  knitted fabric is a variety of knitted fabric. When weaving, some yarn appears as a coil on the rest of the yarn of the fabric in a certain proportion and stays on the surface of the fabric, that is, the loop cloth.

  The wool cloth is usually thicker, and the wool part can hold more air, so it has warmth and is mostly used for autumn and winter clothing. The part of the wool can be processed into flannelette after drawing, which has a more light and soft feel and more superior thermal performance.

  Roman fabric

  Roman cloth is a kind of knitted fabric, weft knitted, made of double round machine, commonly known as chicken cloth. Roman cloth is a four-way cycle, the cloth surface is not ordinary double-sided cloth flat, slightly slightly not too regular horizontal bar. The transverse and vertical elasticity of the fabric is better, but the transverse tensile property is not as good as the double-sided fabric.

  Generally used as pants, sports and leisure coats, etc., breathable, soft, refreshing, tight, comfortable to wear.

  Artificial fur fabric

  Artificial wool artificial fur knitted fabrics often use cotton yarn, viscotic yarn or polypropylene yarn as the base fabric yarn, acrylic or modified acrylic pile, weaving the fiber bundle and the ground yarn into a circle, and make the fiber ends exposed on the surface of the fabric, after weaving the reverse side of the fabric coated with adhesive, so that the fabric shape, so as to avoid hair loss, and then through combing, printing, shearing and other series of finishing processing, Artificial fur with various appearance effects is obtained.

  This fabric feels thick, soft and warm. According to the variety, it is mainly used as coat fabric, clothing lining, collar, hat and so on. Artificial fur is also made by warp knitting.