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What's the difference between coral velvet and flannel fabric

  Coral velvet is very different from flannel fabric. The wool of the flannel fabric is more compact, and the arrangement of the wool to the wool is tight and very fine. Even if you trample it, the chance of it shedding is very small. But coral velvet is sparser and coarser, making it more likely to shed, even if it's not ravaged. Therefore, when choosing coral velvet and flannel fabric, people should make choices according to personal needs and preferences, because the quality of coral velvet and flannel fabric cannot be evaluated uniformly.

  Coral velvet keeps you warmer

  Coral velvet is warmer, and in cold weather, people who use coral velvet are warmer. This is because coral velvet has a very strong warmability, while flannel fabric has a lot of fluff inside and the fabric used is very thick, but the performance of warmth preservation is not as good as coral velvet. Therefore, people who live in colder areas all the year round, buy coral velvet or clothes with it as raw materials is the most appropriate.

  In addition, it is very easy to judge coral velvet and flannel fabric from its appearance. Coral velvet is less fluff, and it looks very rough from the surface, the gap between the hair and the hair is very large, and the fabric is sparse to the touch, but not delicate enough. Therefore, no matter what kind of pattern is printed on the coral velvet, it will appear unclear, which is caused by the coral velvet is not delicate enough.

  Coral velvet is not irritating

  On the other hand, the flannel fabric is extremely delicate and of high quality, so the patterns printed on it will be very clear, and the outline will be clearer and more beautiful. Due to the high quality of flannel fabric and the more detailed process operations, the production of Flannel fabric also requires a large amount of high-quality fluff and complicated processes. So in terms of price, flannel fabric is more expensive than coral velvet.

  However, it cannot be simply assumed that coral velvet must be worse than flannel fabric, and flannel fabric must be better than coral velvet. When choosing materials, be sure to judge according to your own needs. Compared with flannel fabric, coral velvet appears later and belongs to a typical new type of fabric. Because of its strong covering, the appearance of coral velvet is like coral, which is very distinctive. Coral velvet is very attractive and delicate, and even raw fabrics feel very soft. People with coral velvet are rarely allergic, which is because its fabric is not highly irritating, so it is often made into a variety of close-fitting items, including bedding.

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