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What is the knitted fabric

  knitted fabric is a fabric made by knitting needles to bend yarn into loops and interlace each other. It has many advantages. First of all, knitted fabric has the characteristics of soft texture, moisture absorption, perspiration and warmth. These characteristics make knitted fabric popular in the garment manufacturing industry. Second, compared with woven fabric, knitted fabric has the characteristics of high output and suitable for small-batch production, which makes knitted fabric the first choice of the fast fashion industry.

  In addition, knitted clothing is comfortable, close-fitting and non-tight, and can fully reflect the curves of the human body. This makes knitted fabric the darling of the fashion industry. In short, knitted fabric has a wide application prospect in the garment manufacturing industry. Its excellent elasticity and ductility make it an indispensable part of the fashion industry.

  knitted fabric is a common fabric. It is woven by a knitting machine. Compared with other fabrics, knitted fabric has a softer and more comfortable texture, so it is widely used in clothing, household articles, handmade products and other fields. The features of knitted fabric are that it has good elasticity, fits body curves well, and has good breathability and moisture absorption, so that the wearer can feel fresh and comfortable in the hot summer. Besides, the manufacturing process of knitted fabric is also very complicated and needs to go through multiple processes to complete, so the cost is relatively high. In short, knitted fabric is a fabric of high quality and high comfort. Its wide application also reflects people's pursuit of comfortable and healthy life.

  Features of knitted fabric

  knitted fabric is a very popular fabric type that has many excellent properties and features. First of all, the knitted fabric is soft and comfortable to the touch. It is very comfortable to wear. Second, knitted fabric has excellent moisture absorption performance, which can quickly discharge sweat from the body and keep the body dry and comfortable. In addition, knitted fabric also has good thermal properties and can provide warm protection for people in cold weather. Compared with woven fabric, knitted fabric has a higher yield and is more suitable for small batch production. This has made knitted fabric one of the very popular fabric types in the fashion industry.

  Knitted clothing is very comfortable to wear, can perfectly fit the curve of the body, showing the beautiful line of the human body. Besides, the knitted fabric is also of excellent elasticity and stretchability, which makes the garment more close-fitting and comfortable, and will not give people a sense of bondage or discomfort. Woven fabric is a very excellent type of fabric, it has many excellent properties and characteristics, is one of the indispensable fabrics in the fashion industry. Whether in daily life or in the professional field, knitted fabric can bring people comfortable, beautiful and practical wear experience.

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